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Our Team

Ashkan Novin
Ashkan Novin Co-Founder & CEO
Cancer Biologist, Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at UConn Health
Günter Wagner, Ph.D.
Günter Wagner, Ph.D. CSO
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale
Kshitiz, Ph.D.
Kshitiz, Ph.D. Co-Founder
Assistant Professor at UConn Health, Yale Center of Cancer Systems Biology
Parsa Amiri, MS
Parsa Amiri, MS Co-Founder
VP of BD,
Venture, SOSV
Yasir Suhail, Ph.D
Yasir Suhail, Ph.D CAIO
Bio-Informatic Scientist Post-doc Researcher in Cancer Biology at UConn & Johns Hopkins University
Christina Metcalf, M.D.
Christina Metcalf, M.D. Oncologist
Associate Professor of Surgery Department of Surgery, Trinity Health

Scientific & Clinical Advisory

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Molly Brewer, MD, D.V.M.
Chair, Department of Gynecology. Oncologist
UConn Health Center
Arvin Honari, Ph.D.
Clinical Trial Advisor University of Texas Dallas
Wenqiang Du, Ph.D.
Biologist, Bioengineer UConn Health Center
Melinda Sanders, M.D.
Breast and gynecologic Pathologist
UConn Health

Business Development

Mostafa Analoui on Oct. 13, 2016. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)
Mostafa Analoui, Ph.D.
Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Quinnipiac University
Vivek Ramakrishnan
Director of Venture Development, UConn
Tom Gerson, Ph.D.
Leila Daneshmandi, Ph.D.
Biotech Entrepreneur, Founder, Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UConn